DMK Level 1 + Consult

$249. Includes Enzyme + No Pre exfoliation + Consult with Home Prescreptives + Treatment Plan

DMK Level 2

$279. Includes Enzyme + 1 Pre Exfoliant

DMK Level 3

$299 Includes Enzymes 1, 2, +3 for muscle banding and/or double exfoliants + enzyme

DMK Level 4

$329 Includes Enzyme + Alkaline Wash


It consists of FIVE treatments that MUST be booked every 2 weeks. It includes 50 days worth of homecare + supplements (you may need to use DMK prescriptives in addition to the homecare included)

$2500 for 5 Treatments + Homecare

DMK RP/Pro Alpha Peel

Consists of 2 Pre treatment enzymes (at least, can need more depending on client), 2 Days of Peel Application + 2 Lift Off Treatments

(Price Varies, Consult Needed)


REMOVE the dead skin cell build up, which leads to appearance of dry skin, fine lines + discoloration.

REBUILD the living cells by providing proteins, amino acids, and nutrients. This enables cells to stay alive longer and perform optimally for healthier, younger looking skin.

PROTECT the skin from the sun, free radicals, glycation, and other environmental factors that lead to premature aging.

Provide and regulate skin function to MAINTAIN the results achieved by DMK professional treatments with the appropriate DMK home prescriptives.

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What exactly is enzyme therapy?

The DMK System has 3 Enzyme formulas for the face and a separate for the body. The enzymes in each of these sophisticated formulas act as hormone-like messengers to provide an immediate response within the skin. DMK enzymatic formulations provide truly effective skin revision, enabling optimal cellular function which is the key to youthful, healthy skin. 

How and Why the Enzymes work.
Enzymes are natures biological catalyst. They effectively:

Hydrolyze dead cells, Increase oxygenation, Boost cellular energy and activity, Encourage new collagen and elastin formation

flush out cellular waste & debris

Resolves Conditions like:


Who is this treatment good for?

Anyone who is wanting to make a change in their skin and committed. This isn't your one time a year facial, this is one you will want to schedule in a series of at least 4. Depending on your skin condition a treatment plan will be developed at the beginning stages of coming in for your treatments. With DMK facials, you need to be on a strict at home regimen to see results in the treatment room. These treatments can be good for acne, pigment, & aging skin and are customized to your skin needs. The DMK Skincare systems include a range of unique enzyme treatments that work with the skin rather than merely acting on it. The treatments focus on what the skin really responds to-- what really works! DMK Home Prescriptives which have transdermal infusion delivery are essential to maintaining your skin in between treatments.

What does the DMK Mask Feel like?

DMK is definitely not your typical facial. Once the enzyme treatment is on your skin it stays on for 45 minutes. This will harden and feel sort of like cement. You can feel the enzymes working while you lie quietly on the treatment table listening to music, taking a nap or listening to your favorite Podcast. The last 15 minutes it gets pretty tight and uncomfortable but as you continue receive enzyme treatments you get used to the sensation.

What does the DMK Enzyme Therapy actually do?

DMK enzyme therapy creates a “reverse osmosis” action. It’s like spring cleaning for your cells. It is a back flushing action which forces fluid through the membranes around the cells flushing out impurities. It does this by utilizing transfer messenger enzymes. These are the cell that communicate with each other, increasing circulation and deliver fresh oxygenated blood to the skin. You are left with a clean, clear, healthy environment for cells to thrive and function at an optimal level.

What are the maps of capillaries all over after the treatment?

This is called the plasmatic effect. The visible network of dilated capillaries delivers oxygen and nutrition to skin, while the lymphatic system flushes away impurities and cellular waste, leaving behind a clean, clear matrix, renewed energy to the cells and a vibrant complexion. The plasmatic effect is a rebalancing of fluids in the tissue once the Enzyme Masque is removed. This typically fades within 10-15 minutes, once the homeostasis of fluids has been achieved.



For the past 7 years, DMK has been perfecting a series of formulations that will revolutionize skincare forever. Prepare to harness skin health using the power of stem cells and enzymes. 

Unlike most organs in the body, your skin is constantly re-creating itself. In the skin cell life cycle, cells are born in the basal layer of the epidermis. These keratinocytes spend their whole life traveling up to the surface, where they flatten to become corneocytes, the dead cells that make up the layer of skin visible to us. Finally, old corneocytes fall away to make room for new ones. The cycle repeats every 30 days or so. In addition to keratinocytes, the skin contains melanocytes, which regulate pigment; Langerhans cells, which modulate the skin’s immune system; Fibroblasts, which create collagen; and many more. So, where do all these differentiated cells come from? The skin’s regenerative properties imply the existence of stem cells, able to differentiate into many cell types for the skin’s distinctive needs. Essentially, adult stem cells are responsible for replenishing your supply of cells.

Epidermal adult stem cells reside in the Bulge Apparatus (in the hair follicle, near the sebaceous gland) and rete ridges at the dermoepidermal junction (where epidermal and dermal skin layers meet). StemZyme™ therapy helps refine the skin cell life cycle at every stage.

It aids the process of: 

  • Adult epidermal stem cell renewal
  • Successful stem cell differentiation into various skin tissues 
  • Immune response 
  • Skin age management and more

What does the StemZyme Program include?

It consists of FIVE treatments that MUST be booked every 2 weeks. It includes 50 days worth of homecare + supplements (you may need to use DMK prescriptives in addition to the homecare included)

$2500 for 5 Treatments + Homecare

Anything to avoid?

Your skin is vulnerable during treatment. Be mindful of UV exposure and keep the skin protected. Limit outdoor activities as much as possible for the first 72 hours post treatment. Also be mindful of booking botox + filler appointments around these treatment series as well.