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All sales are final. However, If there is anything wrong with your order or products please reach out and let us know so we can help!


Every once in a while a reaction to a product can happen due to allergies/sensitivites to certain ingedients. For example: Hives/Rash/Swelling. If this happens, please reach out and let us know and send a picture of the reaction within the first seven days of your purchase to That is when you will first see your reaction.


We try our best to make custom skincare regimens for our guests, sometimes products dont work out or we need to adjust your homecare. If you let us know within 7 days of purchase of the issues you are experiencing/pictures/etc we will evaluate the situation and can possibly switch out for another product that might be a better fit for your skin, but this would be in a form of a "spa credit" not refunded. If you have not been diagnosed by and Esthetician at our spa and put on a regimen then no exhange/return is possible. All sales final.