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Nestled in a beautifully charming historical home on the East side of Olympia, Washington you will discover an alluring place of refuge inviting you to relax and unwind from your daily stresses. Blossom Spa Retreat is a full-service boutique spa offering a wide array of eclectic services and noteworthy products that have been meticulously selected for your indulgence. Blossom is a collaboration of talented practitioners who have dedicated many years to perfecting their craft but yet continue to bloom through advanced education and progressing techniques to provide you with unparalleled service. We delight in building lasting relationships with our guests and believe that self-care is essential for the soul. Welcome to your moment of pause and rest, welcome to Blossom Spa Retreat.

About Blossom

Founded in July 2020, Blossom Spa Retreat was inspired by the ephemeral beauty of the cherry blossom tree outside our studio. The cherry blossom symbolizes renewal and growth, just like our elevated beauty and skincare treatments.

When you arrive at Blossom Spa Retreat in Olympia, WA, you’ll be greeted with a cup of soothing tea or chilled water, an optional bed warmer, and a music playlist of your choice. First, our highly-skilled therapists will find out what your favorite parts of your treatment are and what you hope to see in your results, then they’ll work closely with you to make it happen. This signature personalized approach to each of our clients creates a casually sophisticated atmosphere designed to enhance feelings of peace and rejuvenation, creating a serene sanctuary away from the bustle of life. 

 Our founder was driven to create a spa focused on skincare as a result of her own history of struggling with childhood eczema and hormonal acne. Acutely aware of what it felt like to be uncomfortable in her skin, she had a vision for creating a warm, welcoming space where our therapists collaborate with clients on their individual skincare journeys, inspiring them to make a commitment to themselves through at-home care and regular treatments. So, while we’re deeply results-oriented, we’re equally dedicated to creating a superior spa experience that promotes unparalleled restoration and relaxation.

With over a decade of expertise, our founder is an accredited Master Esthetician, certified Acne Specialist with Face Reality, a DMK Paramedical, DMK MD Therapist, and is Dermaplane Pro and Procell certified. She has attended training at HydraFacial HFX and classes with Eminence for Hungarian Facial Massage and continues to remain updated with the latest technologies and developments in the skincare world through quarterly classes and training. Each of our expert therapists has a diverse array of qualifications, perfectly positioning Blossom Spa Retreat to address a wide range of skin concerns. 

Whether you’re looking for a nourishing treatment, a long-term skincare commitment, want to purchase one of our highly effective products online or in-store, we look forward to welcoming you to Blossom Spa Retreat to begin the next chapter of your self-care journey.