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What’s the craze about BioRepeel?

When most people hear the word chemical peel their mind instantly envisions how Samantha from Sex in the City looked if you were a fan of this show and probably never signed up for such a treatment. For those of you that haven’t seen it, her face was red, raw and looked blistered and anyone who saw it was horrified of such a thing! Luckily peels and technology have changed so much over the years and downtime like this does not need to happen.

There’s different levels of chemical peels and treatments that you can receive whether you are receiving from a licensed esthetician or a physicians office and the down time will always vary.

Typically with TCA acid you have peeling downtime, more of a sheeting type peel which is completely normal for about 5-7 days post peel and its not fun during the process to peel like a snake but once the skin is off, it feels amazing!

What’s the downfall of this? Well, if you have an event happening or going to be in the sun sometimes you dont have the time for “downtime”. This is where BioRepeel comes in.

BioRepeel is one of its kind; it is developed in Italy and known for no peeling, no pain, and no down time. The peel is also suitable for all Fitzpatrick’s and can be performed all year round. Immediately after receiving the peel typically you have a nice glow to the skin a minimal redness. Depending on the client their downtime can be very minimal with light flaking but typically we dont see any downtime after the treatment.

How often should a client come in for the treatment? Every 7-10 days a peel may be performed and it’s recommended to start do 4-6 treatments for best results.

Can you combine with other treatments? Yes, BioRepeel can be combined with treatments such as Dermaplaning, Procell, Hydrafacial, DMK Enzyme Therapy but the time in between treatments would be extended out to more 10-14 days for each treatment and paying attention to skin barrier. With doing a more invasive skin revision treatment you may experience flaking and minimal downtime.

The BioRepeel is unique because it has Biphasic technology which is broken down in to two separate phases: a lipophilic and hydrophilic.

Lipophilic Phase: This layer is blue and is the oil layer. The lipophilic phase is the protective layer, which films the skin and doesn’t allow the natural waters to evaporate from the skin like a traditional peel. It also protects all of the ingredients in the vial. This phase of the peel pulls everything to the dermis working from inside out, not outside in.

Hydrophilic Phase: This layer is yellow and is the water based layer. It’s the powerhouse of the peel that stimulates fibroblast activity, protects free radicals, increases cell turnover and builds collagen and elastin production. The ingredients are TCA, AHA, PHA, amino acids, vitamins, and GAMA.

When you shake the vial it activates and its mixes together to turn it green. The peel is applied with a syringe and dots are placed in quadrants of the face then massaged in until product gets tacky. The peel results are amazing, but you hardly feeling it working on your skin. Some people feel slight tingle and warmth but the sensation is mild.

Are there Contraindications?

  • Stop retinoids 7-10 days before the peel. And all actives before. (should be avoided 7-14 days post care)
  • Allergies to any ingredients: there is salicylic in the peel
  • Open wounds
  • Active bacterial infectives
  • Heavy acne meds
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding
  • Accutane
  • Not fully recovered from a cosmetic surgery
  • Skin cancer – must be cleared and cancer free for 3 years and have direct written consent from a physician
  • Preexisting inflammatory disease (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, pemphigus)

Once the series is completed, clients notice a difference in texture, fine lines/wrinkles, pigmentations, dullness, overall a brighter appearance, and acne can be reduced. Its perfect if you are trying to treat your skin in a short amount of time but are able to make a time commitment to come in about four times in one month.


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